February 11, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

So what is the news around electric vehicle, EV and related technologies?  Glad you asked.

Jungle Motors Convert Prius.  We met the folks from Jungle Motor at the Los Angeles Alternative Vehicle expo in September and were impressed with their enthusiasm and dynamic, to the point where we are thinking about them for the conversion of one of our staff cars.  But we digress, because the news according to MarketWatch is that Jungle Motors, after converting Porsche 911s and Chrysler PT Cruisers into clean, green commuter cars, is now offering its latest conversion: a Plug-In Hybrid modification for the Toyota Prius.  How much? The conversion kit start at $4,995.00 and installation is available.

Home Owners Cash In On Alternative Energy.  We have been wondering what the utilities are thinking about home owners installing solar panels and wind turbines to stock up on electricity and selling the rest.  Our guess is that for now, it makes sense for both and we don’t foresee entire country populations doing it, out of lack of personal space, but according to the ChronicalHerald, in Canada, the practice is growing.

Environmentalists & Detroit.  We will get no break from Detroit related news but this latest from CBS News has environmentalists blame Detroit for not offering what consumers really want, 50mpg vehicles and EVs.  50mpg, only?  How about 150mpg?

Sweden Continues Its Green Growth.  The country already had a green reputation and is furthering its advance with having invested some $2 billion in developing The Green Vehicle, The Safe Vehicle and will present its results to representatives from India’s automotive industry, according to ITNews.  Goodbye U.S., hello India.

That’s it for today’s part 1 of electric car news.  Stay tuned for part 2.