February 12, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

What else can we say?  First they spoke of electric vehicles, EV, mostly cars.  Then came airplanes and scooterss, and bicycles, and motorcycles, and finally boats.

The gist, one of our contributors reminded us that most boats were actually hybrids, HEV and showed this website, from Electric Motorsports that sells electric boat engines.  But not the big ones, the smaller ones, Duffy boats types.  What is interesting about Electric Motorsports is that they offer electric outboard engines and sail boat diesel engines conversions to electricity.

The Outboard Types.  There are 4 models to chose from.  These 4hp electric outboard motors provide enough power for primary propulsion and backup.

Technically speaking, they are water-cooled, brushless electric engine running on 48 Volts DC with a maximum of a 100 Amps DC.  They can be used in both salt water or fresh water with a 2 year limited warranty.

Price starts at $2,180.00 and can go up to $2,550.00, for the 4hp.

Brushless Electric Sailboat Kit.  Their 30 ft. long sailboat conversion kit replaces a 3-12 HP diesel engine to electric propulsion.

Technically speaking, the motor and controller are 250 Amp only and support regenerative recapture of energy to help recharge the battery pack.  The high RPM of the Mars Brushless motor needs using a gear reduction system of 3:1 that improves efficiency, proper torque and cooling.

The price, is $1250 for the 90 Amp Controller and $1450 for the 250 Amp Controller with regenerative capacity.  The kit includes the brushless Mars PMAC motor, PMAC Controller, pot box throttle, fwd/rev switch, ignition key, contactor, fuse and wiring harness.

Hum, no helicopters yet…