Electric Vehicles, Daily News, Part 2

Here is part 2 of news around electric vehicles, EV and related stories around the world.

VW Looking For Battery Maker. In another story showing VW is now very serious about hybrids, HEV and EVs, BeyondFossilFuel reports the company and Audi have partnered with Japan’s Sanyo to supply the lithium ion batteries for their hybrid and electric vehicles but are also looking at Volkswagen’s Chinese operations for a local supplier.

Sharp, Italy And Solar. Sharp is said to be in talks with Italy’s largest power company Enel SpA to set up a joint venture that will invest more than $2.6 billion in setting up a photovoltaic power plants in southern Italy, according to Seeking Alpha.

HEV To EV. Now, we have written stories about conversions from HEV to plug-in hybrids, PHEV, but we have not written anything about folks skipping the PHEV phase to go 100% electric.  Such news from Snohomish Times saying their county converted 2 of its Toyota Prius to fully electric vehicles as part of the Plugin Center PHEV Pilot Project of Washington.  Good for you.  And the Mountain Mail talks about a class who converted a VW Beetle to full electricity.

Hawaii Backs Electricity Transportation.  With talks with Better Place in works for some time now, it looks as if Hawaii with Hawaiian Electric Company have endorsed an effort to build an alternative transportation system based on electric vehicles with swappable batteries and an “intelligent” battery recharging network, according to the New York Times. Hawaii has rich natural resources, making it a perfect fit for alternative energy.

Fisker Karma At NAIAS.  According to the Sun Herald, the Fisker Karma will be represented at the North American International Auto Show and will be available for $87,900, scheduled for November 2009.  Also in the news, the first production version was unveiled, according to Earth2Tech.

Here is a rare view from the back and shows the car will look much like its prototype.  Finally, a company that gets the appeal of the initial prototype.

How Fast Can Detroit Turn Green? And that is question we have asked here, how fast can they start making green cars and how will an eventual bailout be used for green cars if they need to sell more traditional ones, to become financially fit in order to make green cars?  That is the question, and one asked by NPR.

With a deluge of news, these last few days, stay tuned to part 3.