February 9, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Here is our 2nd look at important news around electric vehicle, EV and related stories this week.  Of course, a big of next week’s will be the Detroit Trio going back before Congress to ask for loans, this time with a working plan.  Bets, anyone?  In the meantime,

Electric Car Conversion Full Steam Ahead. According to the BusinessWeek, those little businesses that converted your car to fully electric are now working full time with a waiting list, for some.  If these types of businesses are anything to judge by, customers are not waiting for electric cars from the auto makers or might not want to pay $40,000.  After all, in the vicinity of $10,000 you can convert almost anything.

Senate Cancels Detroit Bailout Vote. According to KTNV, Senate canceled the vote for the U.S. auto industry bailout Wednesday.

While Cars Makers Slowdown, Others March Forward. According to the NYTimes, yes, manufacturers had plenty of warning about changes in the market and never acted.  The doomsayers with impending end of world scenario if Detroit fails is actually making some companies considering buying plants.  Case in point, SolarWorld, a German maker of photovoltaic equipment wants to buy sites belonging to GM in Germany.

2009 Honda Civic Hybrid.  According to the AutoChannel test, the car has matured from last year’s model.  At 40mpg in city driving and 45 on highway with an observed overall 34, it is looking better.

Who Benefits From Electric Cars? Utilities, of course.  According to the PressDemocrat, they are developing a plan to promote electric cars by buying several thousands.  Of course, of course.

MINI E Launches BMW Electric Cars.  Of course, the Mimi E will be the launching platform for BMW who said its drivetrain is likely to appear in the 5 or 7-Series, as the lithium-ion batteries’ weight would be less noticeable and comfort more easily maintained, as well as to the 3-Series and smaller SUVs such as the X1 and X3, according to AutoExpress.

Important Numbers. Of the 240 million vehicles on U.S. roads, about 70,000 are electric, up from 56,000 in 2005, according to the Electric Drive Transportation Association.

That’s it for today.  Stay tuned for more.

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