A Case For Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Though many may deride neighborhood electric vehicles, NEVs as small, under-performing and sometimes, even silly, we can argue a good case for them.

The gist, buying a small electric vehicle, EV or neighborhood electric vehicle, NEV for your daily runs makes more sense, especially when you take in the entire picture.  Considering over 70% of the U.S. drives 40 miles or less daily, NEVs answer their needs.  Imagine a vehicle that costs single digit pennies to charge per miles driven, compared to double digit for their gas engine counterpart, is worthwhile considering.  But mostly remember that electric cars are not driven until their batteries are discharged.  They get recharged every night, and if needs be, in between.  This alleviates the range anxiety problem.

The pros and cons, if you write a well though out list, it will help you decide whether or not NEVs, or even some EVs might be what you need.  Obviously, the cost of operation for an NEV is a fraction of what it takes to operate a gas engine car, even a fuel sipper.  Consider no oil change, no gas and recharging at night when the electricity is off peak, alone makes sense.  ou will have to change the batteries every few other years, and judging by the pass of innovations on batteries, they will last longer.  The cons is that the majority of U.S. drivers are spoiled and want it all.  Drivers want big, huge, kitchen, sink and fridge carrying SUVs, with more cup-holders than seats, for fear of not being able to sip while driving.  The notion of being safer in an SUV is moot if you run over a smaller car.  And last we check, a huge SUV colliding with another big SUV still makes for a lot of damages.

Consider being a retiree and wanting to expand your ever shrinking 401 K plan using NEVs, while keeping a sedan as a back up.  Considering doing something good for the environment by not wasting gas to the grocery store when you could whizz there.  Consider what the next generation will inherent, that same generation that rides behind you in SUVs.

What to buy?  Here are some options.  GEM, EX-V2 and V4, the ultimate Tango, the Intimate, to name a few.  Consider, as some of us are converting that older, lighter car into full electricity.  Where can you find all relevant information?  Or at least enough to educate you and let you decide?  Consider reading Electricnick.com.

It makes sense to have a secondary car that uses electricity