February 8, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Here is a look at electric vehicles, EV and global headlines around related topics.

Electric Luxury Vehicles.  ELV, one more for the growing lingo dictionary of electric cars, and according to Dallas entrepreneur Stevan “Steve” Hammond and EVX Laboratories that converts standard Mercedes SLK 350 gasoline car into a pure electric, zero-emission vehicle.  When? EVX plans to start marketing its Mercedes conversion in summer 2009 and will cost you about $99,500, car included.  Plans are also on the board for EVX to start converting the Mercedes C300, C350 and the ML63 AMG. We wish them good luck and will keep an eye for them.  Surely, there is a market for this segment.

Hyundai And Lithium.  One company that impressed us at the LA Auto Show was Hyundai who has been working on extending the efficiency of its LG Chem made lithium-polymer batteries.  Using its Blue Drive system, the claim is that they offer twice the energy density and 175% of the volumetric energy efficiency of NiMH batteries, according to MotorTrend.

Portugal Set To Be First EV Capital.  The ink is drying on the Renault and Nissan deal to supply the country with electric cars within three years.  According to the Financial Times, companies and drivers buying EVs would be exempt from road and other vehicle taxes, as well as individuals would qualify for income tax benefits of up to €800 ($1,000).  That’s taking real, serious proactive measure.

Studies and Numbers.  Electric Power Research Institute found that if 60% of U.S. light vehicles were electrified by 2050, the national power consumption would increase by about roughly 8% but would cut CO2 emissions equivalent to those produced by 82 million cars.  Yet another study by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, found that 73% of light vehicles could be charged overnight using the existing grid infrastructure and supply while saving 6.2 millions barrels of oil, or 52% of current US imports every single day.  We thought you might want to throw this monkey wrench in one of those over-heated debates with naysayers.

That’s it for part 1, stay tuned for part 2.

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