Electric Vehicle, A Week In Review, Part 1

Yes, there is life outside the LA Auto Show and here is a recap of important news this week surrounding electric vehicles, EV and related stories.

Tesla Working On Range Anxiety.  We finally have a name for that anxiety people can feel driving an EV and fearing running out of electricity, range anxiety.  Tesla is working on it, via Edmunds: “Say you were driving from L.A. to San Francisco, which is 400 miles. By 300 miles, I’m sure you need a bathroom break or a meal break. So you go to a fast-charging station that’s near a selection of restaurants and other amenities. You stop for a meal or a cup of coffee, come back in 15 minutes and you’ve charged the battery for another 100 miles.”  Simple, no?

Fast Charging Lithium.  And since we are on the subject, here is partnership working on fast charging lithium batteries, Ener1 and Kyushu according to NanoWerk.  KEPCO has already developed one of the most advanced rapid charging stands and are now working on an even faster one with Ener1.

Ghosn And The Future.  A good recap of how Ghosn sees the future and how the Renault-Nissan alliance will play a role, according to Time.  The gist is the focus will be mostly on China, while having worked with Chrysler on sharing platforms, and of course, electric cars are key to the future.

Nissan & Oregon & Tennessee teaming Up.  Nissan and the state of Oregon are teaming up to bring their first electric vehicles in the U.S., according to Gas2.  And OPBNews sheds more light on revamping the infrastructure of the grid in Oregon.

Why US Car Makers Can’t Afford To Develop Hybrids.  Here is one of the reasons touted by the car makers on Capitol Hill as to why they can’t afford the development of hybrids, according to USA Today.  Here is one simple answer from Electricnick, use the little innovating American companies who have already produced stellar performance, like say, AFS Trinity?

Better Place Tackles California.  Better Place is working to set up the first electric network for recharging EV and PHEV with $1 billion, according to VentureBeat, starting with San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland by 2012.

Here it is for our part 1 of this week’s review.  Stay tuned for part 2 later today.

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