February 11, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Here is a look at what is happening worldwide with electric vehicles, EV and related hybrid technology news.

SCE Innovates With PHEV.  An unlikely source of news, albeit a very logical one for the innovations of plug-in hybrids, PHEV is the Southern California Edison, SCE company that has tested at its Electric Vehicle Technical Center and has demonstrated battery life performance equivalent to more than 180,000 miles in a commercial delivery van with minimal battery deterioration, according to MarketWatch.   Needless to say electric utilities stand to win big with the switch to electric cars.

European Clean Proposal On The Brinks.  Europe who usually is very active in clean technology is hitting a bump on the road when a proposal to spend 11 billion euros, or $14 billion to test how pumping greenhouse gases underground.  The plan calls for the subsidization of 12 pilot plants that capture and store carbon dioxide, won an initial approval by a European Parliament committee but Germany, Spain, Poland and other countries are now opposing the project, according to Bloomberg.  Coming from Germany makes sense as the country is heavily invested into coal mining and burning, making it a tricky situation to handle.

Kick The Addiction, Even If Prices Go Down.  The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article asking how can we sustain the push towards oil independence while prices slyly come down again, luring the addicted country into a false sense of security.  Since oil demand in the developed world is projected to decline in 2008 for the third year in a row with motorists using their cars less, not buying gas guzzlers, and businesses trimming fuel costs.  American transportation is more than 95% dependent upon oil, will have spent $700 billion on oil imports in the last 2 years, more than we spend annually on defense.  Considering that money stayed in the U.S., it would generate $7 trillion in economic activity. Clearly, lower oil prices are better for Americans and worse for the governments of OPEC countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Venezuela as well as Russia’s military resurgence.  Some of the prescriptions from consulting firms and experts call for businesses to reward employees who car pool, go down to 4 week days with telecommuting, take advantage of federal tax credits for fuel-efficient cars, Washington should enact new tax rebates to reward fuel-efficient cars, for instance.

So will the high cost of oil accompanied by the tumble make people complacent again?  Not according to those findings that say important development, research, innovations as well as investments in alternative resource technologies have been made.  It’s all around good news.

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