Electric Vehicle, Thursday Daily News Review

A look at what is happening with electric vehicles, EV and related stories.

Restoring Baker Electric History.  Cleveland has found a real estate developer to restore the once illustrious electric car maker Baker Electric, according to Cleveland.com.  In 1910, only the wealthy could afford such elegant buggies, so Walter Baker built his showroom at East 71st Street and Euclid Avenue in the heart of Millionaire’s Row.  Coming almost full circle now…

Tesla Wreck! Warning, this is not for the faint of heart as the graphics on the site will turn any EV lover’s stomach over.  Wired frightens us with a few pictures of a wrecked Tesla Roadster which proves the Roadster is strong and sturdy despite being a small and light electric car.  Oh my, the drama…

Battery Power 2008.  It will be an interesting conference to attend for those nearby, as the international conference highlighting the latest developments and technologies in the battery industry, according to MarketWatch.  Keep an eye out for Nexergy, Inc., a leading manufacturer of battery packs and chargers, working on lithium ion cell evaluation and performance.

Disparity Of The Global Market.  The question is, how can the U.S. rely on its internal market to drive its automobile industry?  Considering the rest of the world has much higher gas price, U.S. car makers are forced to develop two types of cars that rarely make it across the pond.  Yet a world wide financial crisis will force everyone to redefine their businesses and change car makers into technology companies.  Read this European CNBC article.

That’s it for now.  See you later.