February 9, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

We covered a while back the stunning story of Google and GE working together to invest in alternative renewable, clean energy.  Here is more.

The gist, it was pretty amazing to find both GE and Google had joined forces upgrading and installing “smart” electricity grids.  Interestingly enough, GE believes that by only using 7% of the land i n Arizona, for instance and by using their GE PV 165 photovoltaic solar cells, they could draw enough energy on a sunny day to generate enough daily electricity equal to that of the average electricity demand for the U.S., according to Canada.com.  Those are very impressive numbers and surely opens a much cleaner and sustainable probability for a future.

A news thing? Not really, in 2007, Google was carbon neutral partly by using its headquarters in Mountain View, California with 6,000 photovoltaic cells and 3,000 pole-mounted solar panels throughout their campus.  They also invested heavily in 2 solar ventures: eSolar, an enhanced thermal solar player and Bright Solar Energy, a nanosolar company.  Google has shown a lot of enthusiasm for geothermal power.

And they are not alone, Goldman Sachs, Pacific Gas & Electric, Edison International, Israeli and German solar firms, Silicon Valley start-ups and Chevron, amongst many others are frantically investing to make sure they are present in tomorrow’s alternative renewable and clean energy sources landscape.  With estimates that the Mojave solar project predicts $50 billion annually by 2020 is enough to attract these big players to act.

Yes, the tipping point has been reach and yes, the infrastructure is currently being developed for electric cars to zip by on out streets.

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