February 11, 2016

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That is the question.  Of course, your budget will also determine which and what vehicle to chose from according to their availability.

The gist, according to Forbesautos.com, the Fisker Karma has the longest wait time only followed by the conventional engined, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe.  The plug-in hybrid, PHEV sedan Karma should appear in the fall of 2009 and even after putting down a $1,000 pre-order deposit, you could wait an estimated 27 months to get one.  Still…  Even though our main interest here are electric vehicles, EV and their related hybrid, HEV cousins, it was interesting to see how long people would wait for a fuel efficient car.

The numbers.  The $11,590-$13,590 Smart Fortwo, the 2 seat mini-car will take you 9-13 Months.  The Tesla Roadster would be about 12 Months.

It would have been interesting to see others, such as AC Propulsion eBox, the Soon to be released ZENN and some Zap cars.  All in all, it seems people are ready to wait for a car that is economical or makes a strong environmental statement.  Judging by the Prius wait list and it’s amazing resale value on eBay, it is not surprising.

Sources, Channel 3000, and Forbes.

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