February 6, 2016

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After a short time to recoup and sort out the millions of pictures we took and a CBS News network int3erview, we are back.

The gist, we drove the Hybrid Technologies Liv Flash and it was fun, as previously mentioned here.  The Mini didn’t disappoint either.  It was fun, brisk and very civilized.

The driving and seating position is exactly what you would expect of a Mini.  So nothing new here.  As with the eBox, you turn the key and nothing happens.  No grumble, no engine noise, nothing, silence.  Then you step on the accelerator and as smoothly as you would never expect a gas engined car to start, the Mini launches forward.

The numbers, maximum speed is over 80mph, 0-60 mph is achieved in 9 second, the range is of 100 with a charge time of 6 hours.  The batteries are estimated to have over 2500 full charges until you need to change them.  The electric engine is a 3 phase, brushless A/C motor that puts out 78 kW peak, that’s 105 hp.  There are 10 lithium ion batteries that weigh 550 lbs and the Mini has an onboard 110 VAC or 220 VAC input, meaning you can charge it from any wall electric socket, including a 220V one.

The price, at around $57,000 this makes a good contender for anyone’s first electric vehicle, EV.

The difference with the eBox were subtle.  The Mini is smaller than the eBox and it’s lower horsepower is not too obvious.  The delivery was smooth even though the eBox really loves to remind you it has unused horse power ready for you to draw upon.  We felt the eBox communicated more with you than the Mini but that could just be because of their inherent original platforms.  Ultimately, whichever you chose is a question of taste.

We did like the LCD Touch Screen inside the Mini which monitored miles remaining, power consumption, each cells’ charge level, battery temperature, drive time, distance traveled, and average speed. It was easy to read and fun to watch.  As usual, talking about it won’t do.  Go drive one to understand the phenomenal difference.
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