February 13, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

It’s mind-boggling to see what a year makes in difference in perception on business and the environment.  A few years ago, electric vehicles, EV were regarded as interesting but lacked power.  Now Tesla Motors came along and showed us it was not the case at all.

While EV technology EV evolves furiously, it touches a wide array of industries.  We have talked about car manufacturers, startup companies, battery research, utility and infrastructure, but what about vehicles components and their manufacturing?  Doesn’t making body part pollute also?  How about weight versus structural integrity?  So far we have dealt with bigger engine to accommodate more weight, relegating the promising future of carbon fiber parts to expensive vehicles.

The gist, New research and developing technology are creating new designs that significantly can/does/will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to Design News.  A new project called, Future Steel Vehicle, is developing steel auto body concepts to work with alternative energy vehicles as well as demonstrate that they can be produced in an environmentally safe way while being structurally sound.

It’s not just the design and impact on greenhouse gases at the tailpipe but according to Jody Shaw, manager, technical marketing and product research, U.S. Steel Corp., chair of the FSV Program: “We’re concerned with the whole life cycle of the vehicle, from the emissions produced and energy used to create raw materials, all the way to the impact of recycling. If the whole life cycle is not taken into account, there is the distinct possibility of having a net increase in greenhouse gasses if the wrong material choice is made. This isn’t just speculation – we have very clear models that demonstrate this.”

It’s truly a fascinating time to see different industries coming together working for a more efficient way of living in a safer environment.  Our grand-children will be asking us about these times, as we are sure so did the ones whose grand-parents witnessed the industrial revolution.

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