February 13, 2016

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Whenever we hear anything that gives a hint as to which direction the US car makers are going in regards to electric vehicles, EVs, we’re on it.  So where are we, anyway?

The gist, GM sees an electrifying future.  According to the Spec, GM’s 100th Birthday will be celebrated today and it all started on Sept. 16, 1908, when William Crapo Durant filed the incorporation papers and formed GM, affectionately known as the old venerable lady.

So how is the old lady doing? Well, her health isn’t as good as it once was.  She has arthritis and put on a lot of weight. That’s why she can’t run as fast as she used to.  She also has a little asthma but that doesn’t stop her from yelling at the top of her lungs she needs money.  She also developed a bit of cataract, but she is hopeful some charity will help her fund surgery for a new eyesight and vision.  Yes, over the decades, she has developed what some would call acute hearing problems.  She didn’t hear very well what her children wanted and they eventually went elsewhere.

She will come to her 100th Birthday party with a lovely new lad who has been known so far as The Volt! But true to her revolution antics, will it be electrifying or revolting?   Oh, such bad puns! The Chevrolet Volt is expected to be the icing on GM’s 100th birthday cake.  The heavily-promoted sedan beau, is electrifying especially in typical local driving.  However, he needs a jump-start if he is to go further than 40 miles.  Nonetheless, the old lady hopes this will be her ticket to a much-needed rejuvenation for the 21st Century.

Though we can smile that such a venerable old lady wants to be seen with such a prominent and future oriented fellow, known as The Volt, she is investing heavily on his much unproven performances as of yet.  Indeed, the fellow is so secretive, no one has even taken him out for a ride…  If he fails to capture the imagination of other young aspiring people, the old lady would have to lie down, probably permanently.  If he does win the hearts of a new generation, the old lady would have a much needed plastic surgery, all over.

We can say one thing however, the highly charismatic young fellow, Volt as he appeared to us before was very seductive, but he has received a make up from the aging old lady and now looks so hum, hum…

Nonetheless, we wish you a happy 100th Birthday.  Not too many car companies make it that far.  Congratulations.

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