GM’s Extended Range In Europe

So why did GM go for a serial plug-in hybrid, PHEV range extender instead of Toyota’s and Honda’s more conservative parallel HEVs and now PHEVs?

The gist, maybe the were thinking of the European market for long term.  What made us wonder this was reading Forbes‘ article on how GM’s European Chief, Carl-Peter Forster sees the bleak future trends of the automobile there.  Serial hybrids open the door more to further developing plug-in hybrids and that might why GM is focusing on that technology.

He apparently sees no signs of improvement in the European market which makes it impossible to predict future trends.  With consumer confidence at an all time low, this would explain why GM is not motivated to bring PHEVs and EVs to Europe sooner than in 3 years.

Extended Range Electric Vehicles, so what is it with GM and their extended range tag line?  Well, if you lived in Europe and had to pay anywhere from $8 to 12 a gallon, hearing the words extended range makes them more appealing.  It would look like a smart marketing point.

According to Forbes, Forster also told at the auto conference in Berlin that they are investing a lot into both PHEVs and pure EVs.  They will be in the form of Opels and as Chevrolets.  It’s interesting to see they are pushing Chevrolet when Opel has been their main product.