February 14, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

What is going on in the world of alternative energy investment and what does it spell for electric vehicles, EVs?

The gist, Michael Filloon at Seeking Alpha believes Geothermal energy deserves to have a serious look as the technology matures due to past investments.  With companies as Ormat Technologies which are now ahead thanks to investments and return on investment, ROI, they are finally realizing their potential.  New technologies are drilling deeper through layers and have benefited from oil and natural gas technology research.  Ironic, isn’t it?  Now holes are drilled nearer geysers and turbines placed closer to the source of heat with little loss. Companies as ORA and United Technologies are developing low temperature turbines that generate power from lower temperatures than older turbines.  Think about Google investing in the technology and how we talked about Hawaii being a perfect place for this with their volcanic activity, and this technology is looking better every day.

Solar In Canada.  Don’t let the naysayer tell you northern countries can’t rely on solar.  According to CleanBreak, Norway’s Renewable Energy Cor is spending $1.2 billion Canadian dollars on a silicon plant in Quebec.  Ah, oui?

Solar Energy Stocks Down? Let’s face, nothing always goes up without a break, not even the almighty petroleum stocks.  So, Dr. Duru finds that most solar stocks are back into correlation with oil prices and he created a comprehensive chart to explain the trend.  While those stocks adjust themselves, Pickens spends more on PR to get the momentum going.

All of this to say without investments there is no research.  Without research, there are no innovations.  Without innovations, nothing changes and… well, nothing happens.  Maybe this other piece on solar thin film research and its measurable development can drive the point home that with investments, scientists are finding ways to make yesterday’s improbable technologies work today and tomorrow.  This spells good news for our EV future and moving away from polluting chemicals.

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