February 11, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

We are moving into yet another milestone in the new electric vehicle, EV revival, who are the number one states and cities buying those hybrids, HEV we keep hearing about in the U.S.?

The gist, is it California, New York, Illinois, Texas, Florida or Washington?  According to MarketWatch, the top 5 states and cities were to be expected.  Los Angeles tops all cities with 17,638 hybrid drivers, followed by San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C. and Chicago.  As far as states are concerned the results are a little of the same and some surprises.  California still occupies the top place but it is followed by Florida, then New York, followed by Texas and Illinois.

The insurance, while most insurers will provide for EVs some have already specialized.  Case in point, Traveler, a leading property casualty insurer has been providing insurance for this growing EV segment since 2006 by offering savings up to 10% for HEV drivers in the U.S..

The reason why hybrids, according to a Polk Center for Automotive Studies in tandem with hybridcars.com, 70% of HEV owners bought them to take advantage of tax breaks fueled by high gas prices and 21% were concerned for the environment.  Interestingly, 9% bought them because they see themselves as “futurists”.

BizJournals.com reports that Washington ranked No. 4 in the U.S. last year for HEV as far as purchases according to new car registrations from the DMV.  So you now have the answer to the question: “Who is number 6?”  Washington state!

The daily news regarding HEVs and EVs pouring into our aggregators is incredible and keeps on getting bigger.  Pretty soon we will see HEV and EV races, and why not, Formula 1 international events for pure electric racers.