February 7, 2016

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It’s incredible to see the ingenuity that goes behind moving consumers to buy electric vehicles, EV and hybrids.  And it seems like grass-root efforts,… so far.

The gist, IKEA favors clients who drive EVs and hybrids, according to this story from Chron.com.  Remember IKEA is Sweedish and the Sweedes are producing that EV we covered here called Th!nk.  And apparently this is an appealing prospect to Home Depot and Office Depot who are also testing a similar project.

That private companies do that is one thing but when communities offer perks for eco-friendly drivers, it confirms we are stepping into an every day reality.  Indeed, Los Angeles has worked on projects letting some hybrids and vehicles that consume more than 45 miles per gallon park for free.  New York City is planning free parking a city parking meters for EV and hybrid vehicles.  And who says the US was not doing much to facilitate EVs?

Projects as these along others such as allowing EVs and hybrids in carpool lanes can only help the faster adoption of eco-friendly vehicles.  It not only helps our local environment but also pushes more and more people to think outside the box, and why not, come up with better incentives for consumers to buy those types of vehicles as well as come and visits their stores.

It seems every day we pick up news here and there showing the ingenuosity of companies and people who are bringing EVs and hybrids closer into our world.  This is a welcome new reality.

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