February 12, 2016

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The car industry is moving towards electric vehicles, EV and a “greener” future when prestigious establishments award its manufacturers.

The gist, according to GreenTechMedia, MIT’s Tech Review awarded top position, Innovator of the Year to CTO JB Straubel of Tesla Motors for the electric-car startup and its accomplishements in its annual TR35 list.

So what does this mean? This means the EV industry is gaining serious momentum when it’s publicly recognized for its achievements.  And rightfully so, Tesla is one of the very few manufacturers who were able to bring to the market a Lithium-ion EV that not only works well but actually packs a lot of performance.

According to Erika Jonietz, who is the senior editor for the MIT Technology Review, she was quoted as saying that the company worked the kinks out of commonly available lithium-ion batteries found in laptops and cell phones to use them safely in a high-risk environment.  It’s true that Tesla is one of the only companies that has worked out the cooling problem around lithium technology by pragmatically water cooling the packs and made sure the roadster could meet car crash safety standards while delivering impressive horsepower and better range than most other EVs.

She concluded by saying: “”We think it has the potential to have a really big impact on transportation and on the environment.”  That’s pretty high public acknowledgement and shows our automobile culture is finally turning to more environmental friendlier energy source, such as electricity.  In MIT’s case, it’s a two year in a row recognition of top winners from a green industry.  Yes, the automobile industry has a green segment now.

Congratulations Tesla and everyone who has worked on the Roadster!

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