To Know You Is To Love You…

Well, we’ll leave this one up to you but if Sunmotor has its way, this little electric vehicle, EV will not leave you feeling neutral.

The gist, AutoBlog caught our attention, or should we say our eyes with this… very… interesting… looking EV from Sunmotor.  What struck us, and probably everyone on this planet as being an oddly designed vehicle actually makes sense and was well developed.  Obviously based on a Smart car, this roof elongated EV carries an important large solar array, thus the long nose and tail!

The numbers, according to the company are 160 miles per charge, with 25 mph, sporting 10 hp for 2,600 lbs, and accelerate 0-25 in 5 seconds.

One thing for sure, surfers will not like the car.  They won’t be able to carry their bords on top.  But as far as super, high clean energy, it doesn’t get better.