Solar Investments Wooing Investors

There doesn’t seem to be a week without how well alternative energy investing is doing.  This is great news for electric vehicles, EV.

Indeed, solar is in!  The gist, according to Seeking Alpha, Solarfun Power Holdings (SOLF) has performed very well with an average 110% surprising progress in the last few quarters as well as the alternative energy sector in general.

Even though the latest progressed have not been as energetic as in the recent past, it could be due to 2 reasons, oil prices have come down lately and as the cash flows to these alternative energy company, so are investment in infrastructures which could explain the lower performance.  It is normal the curve comes down as assets are being managed for better production.

But as in everything that goes up, it must come down at times, before catching its breath for a rebound.  News of our Canadian friends not doing very well lately in the alternative energy sector is a reminder that stocks go up, stocks go down, but the trend remains.  It has been interesting to see a rush of investing in alternative energy.  It surely sets new foundations for a healthier planet tomorrow.

You want proof of this?

“Here are some hints that investors will gain confidence: Solarfun Power Holdings is expanding aggressively and you should expect a great quarter.

  • On August 12, the company announced a $71M market equity offer. A market offering is a way to raise capital that current shareholders favour, as the offering buyers look for more upside of the stock price from here. Likely, buyers have some insight into current quarterly earnings. This is positive for the stock price.
  • On July 31th, Solarfun signed a 30MW sales contract with Martifer Solar. This project alone may be worth $300-350M.
  • On July 17th, Solarfun Power was covered by well known Jefferies & Co. with a “Buy.” This is important as this opens a door to high net worth investors from Jefferies’ customers.
  • On July 14th, Solarfun and Schuco entered into a 47 MW sales contract. This is the largest ever contract SOLF has signed.
  • On June 20th, Solarfun offered 9M shares ADR at $20.20, totaling $180M raised for new project expansionresearch.”