February 9, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

Here is a list of electric vehicles, EV in the news for you.

How about 17 EVs that have, are and will shape the automobile world?

Still wondering about battery technology advances?  Check out EEStor new energy storage units, based on barite, that can hold several times the energy at a fraction of the weight and cost of lithium ion chemistries.  Hello 300 miles range, 5 minute charging capacity.

T. Boones Pickens might take the offensive in the US with wind energy but Britain also has a plan.  And if Texans start driving EV, what next?  Well Oregon actually turns to wind power but France wants its seas and oceans to provide energy while obviously in the Sahara, it will be solar.

So are we preparing for the extra electricity taxed on utilities?  Connecticut is starting.

Hank Green over at EcoGeek asks the question on everyone’s mind, why are there no cheap EVs?  Already covered here, manufacturers have already invested so much in gas technology and cannot turn on a dime.

Finally welcome to Kelly Blue Book’s new edition Green, hat tip Gas2Org.

Clearly, it’s the talk of the town.  We are witnessing a renewal and a revolution the automobile hasn’t seen in over a century.

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