February 13, 2016

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No, it’s not a typo but the ZENN vehicles are here and the they are pure electric, EV.

So who is ZENN? ZENN, which stands for Zero Emission No Noise is a Canadian manufacturer of electric vehicles that already have the look and feel of most modern cars.  The ZENN is the perfect balance between comfort, safety and electric performance with, of course the low cost of maintenance.  They are appealing with their capacity to plug in any outlet and being driven in 4 hours.  Those features make it a good contender for alternative transportation.

What do they offer? An aluminum-alloy chassis tested vehicle that meets or exceeds FMVSS500 standards.

Any numbers to back this up? We found a some information on their website, such as: “According to a recent study conducted by the Green Car Institute, Low Speed Vehicle users replaced up to 90% of city-core trips previously made with a conventional car.” as well as a chart that pits conventional gas cars as costing 8 to 12 cents (depending on size) to run, to hybrids costing 5 to 6 and pure electric 1 t 2 cents.  There is a nifty savings calculator.

Where can I get one? Well directly from their website here, or check out this story by ABC.

This company has settled into a nice niche market of small, compact yet resourceful cars most people need for city to light suburban travel.  Considering that is 75% of drivers, they should find a lot of interest.

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