West Coast Getting Electric Vehicle Friendly

After talking about getting the infrastructure ready for electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV), here is more concrete news that plans are underway and how utilities are stepping up to the plate.

KWG.com picked up on how Pacific Gas & Electricity, PGE is already moving into high hear by providing Portland’s first recharging stations in Oregon with 12 more to follow soon.

Why Portland? The city of Portland has the highest proportion of hybrid vehicles in the nation, and PGE officials believe that when consumers learn about the economics of an electric fill-up, they won’t ever want to go back.  And with arguments such as: “Some of the early returns show you can charge a vehicle for 40 miles for less than a dollar. You compare that to how much you’re going to pay; $5 or $6 for gas to run 40 miles, and we think it’s going to be cheaper and better for the environment,” it’s hard not to be sold.

Not only the city is getting a recharging station but it will be free in the beginning.

And if Texas is getting into selling electric buses, we should see a nation riding on electricity in less than a decade.

Makes us wonder, how will utilities be seen in a few decades?  With the incredible position they have providing electricity for our driving needs, will they be like petroleum companies were until now or will they still have an aura of saviors?  Time will tell.