February 8, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

EPRI plays a crucial role in our electric and hybrid vehicle society that is unveiling itself.

ESPRI who? The Electric Power Research Institute made an announcement yesterday that bis would partner with GM, Nissan and 30 of the top electric utilities in North America, on the introduction of plug-in electric vehicles, working on issues as codes, standards to grid capacity and public awareness.

What’s in it for the consumer? There are lofty plans but imagine what must happen before we have standards as to how our electric vehicle rechage?  Imagine a world where hopefully all cars will recharge using the same type of plug or why not, through induction?

So who is this ESPRI? It is a non-for-profit organisation that conducts research and development on technology, operations and the environment for the global electric power sector, by bringing together members, the institute’s scientists and engineers, along with experts from academia, industry and other research centers to meet challenges in electricity generation, delivery and use.  And there is a storng international participation within its programs that includes 40 countries.

Click here for an interview on how to “decarbonizing the electric sector”.

ESPRI‘s website has some good information as to what is happening in this growing industry.

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