February 12, 2016

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There is a frenetic race as to who can provide a successful electrical vehicle, EV that can sustain its manufacturer.

One the one camp, the mainstream manufacturers talk about pure EV but for now, focus on plug-in hybrids.  It makes sense considering the massive investment they have on internal combustion engine technology.  They are well positioned to help the transfer to full electric vehicles.  More and more we hear mainstream car manufacturers partnering, GM-Nissan with utilities, Renault-Nissan with Project Better Place, Nissan with NEC, Peugeot with Mitsubishi, well you get the picture.  It is survival of the fittest at this stage.

On the other hand, this leaves a completely clean slate for independents and start-ups to focus solely on hybrids or pure electric vehicles, mainly Tesla, Fisker, Th!nk, amongst many others.  As electric cars evolve from glorified golf carts to full-fledged electric performance vehicles, the consumer is the main beneficiary.

It might seem like a herculean task for a small start-up to compete with the likes of GMs, but both are actually working towards the same future.  As battery technology evolves from any cars sold from these makers, start-ups can set their views on the longer term.  Let’s not forget that in the beginning, mainstream car manufacturer were also start-ups competing against more well established electric car makers.  And the playing field today is much more even than we might think, despite products being different.

With news of high gas price, currently $123 per barrel of crude, coupled with dismal sales of conventional gas engines, bad strategies that insisted on less fuel efficient cars, electric vehicle start-up can play their cards well and become relevant big players in the near future, as more and more people turn to cheaper locomotion alternatives.

The way the future is shaping is an obvious shift to hybrids and now, more recently plug-in hybrids with full electric vehicles already being offered.  It is a snow ball effect that feeds technology and certainly more innovations then we have seen these last few decades.  Ultimately, for once we are seeing real choices for consumers, whether you like gas cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles or why not motorcycles and converting the whole deal yourself, you can chose.

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