February 12, 2016

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Miles Electric Vehicle, is a company based in Los Angeles that has its vehicles built in China.

So what do they have to offer? Miles Electric Vehicles, or let’s call them MEV for short, meets international car safety standards and in 2007 were awarded: “Electric Car Company of 2007” award by Good Clean Tech.  After selling their ZX40, the first street-legal Chinese-made automobile sold in the US, the company concentrated on safety and compliance.

What’s so special about them? It’s true there are many EV manufacturers out there but what struck us an interesting was how they focused on safety and compliance, since that seems to be a leitmotiv for most buyers.

What do they offer? Currently they offer electric vehicles and trucks with their ZX40 models.  The ST is the truck the regular ZX is a Daihatsu Move made in China, converted to electricity.  They are governed 25 mph and a 50-60 miles range.  They sport three phase, brushless, AC induction motors, with regenerative braking and optional air conditioning for about $18,400.  More to come on electric engines in a future post.

What’s in the future? An anticipated EV sedan called the MILES XS500 should cost approximately $30,000.

Clearly Miles Electric Vehicles make small electric cars that are perfect for around-town driving.  Yes, there are good EV cars and some exceed safety requirements.  Yes, there are affordable ones to go-around-town, but would we want to drive on the highway?  With a speed under 55, they wouldn’t be highway legal anyway.  At least, we feel there is a lot of choice in terms of range in the EV world.

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