February 10, 2016

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So who else do we have to chose from in the world of electric vehiclesw?

Zap Electric is a Santa Rosa Californian electric car manufacturer that has been making great strides in recent years.  Zap makes cars, bikes and scooters.  In tandem by none other than Lotus (sounds familiar?), Zap is working on its ZapX concept crossover.  And it’s looking good.  Not a lot of information yet but you can expect a lot of goodies matched by current internal combustion cars at a price of around $87,000.

If you are on a budget, the Xebra Electric Sedan will be yours for a tad over $11,000.  A three wheeled car that is slightly reminiscent of the old Vespa covered three wheeler of the 60’s.  Not a performance beast, 40mph with a 20 mile range, it is clearly aimed at city dwellers.  As for the design, you like it or you don’t.

But wait, there’s more.  The Zap Alias is a futuristic concept that will be interesting to follow as it unfolds.  At roughly $32,500, it is currently being developed, this interesting concept is a welcome contender in the world of performance EVs.  With 0 – 60 mph : 7.7 seconds, a maximum speed of 100 mph, its range is expected to be over 100  miles (160.9 kilometer) and only weigh 1612.6 lbs (733 kg)  Not bad and light.

And with a choice of three scooters, Zapino, Zappy 3 EZ and Zappy PRO, Zap Electric is well positioned to be a leader in the electric vehicle world.  There is some interesting information on their site on facts about converting to electric powered driving.  They also manufacture marine EVs, as well as EV ATVs, battery for common devices, as well as for the iPod.  It’s a well diversified company that points to a bright future.  Let’s see if they can offer cars people will want to drive and own.  Off to a good start, we think.

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