February 13, 2016

Electric Vehicles Renewable Energy and Storage News

The naysayers will have to find other things to say about batteries, a new technology breakthrough just boosted battery technology.

In this article, RCS Publishing reported that researcher Stuart Licht and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, US, have created a vanadium boride-air fuel cell that stores more energy than current vehicle batteries.  With ten times the energy capacity of lithium ion batteries and three times the energy density of zinc-air batteries these devices will surely give EV’s another welcome boost.  The best part is they work in the same way current batteries do.  This is welcome news and surely pushes the reality of all electric vehicle a step very much closer.

These renewable fuel cell open another category of electric vehicles with viable driving ranges that won’t need a separate combustion engine and frequent battery recharges.  This could be the break many manufacturers were waiting for in order to make all battery powered vehicle viable.  The vanadium boride-air fuel cell need air and fresh fuel to recharge.  The idea would be that a motorist could drive into a fuel station, receive fresh fuel and drive away.

Nonetheless, much needs to be worked before this technology is full proof.  Cell technology is an interesting part in the path to all electric engine.  It goes to say that whatever our innovators set their minds to they can work around any obstacles.  What we thought of as impossible yesterday is today’s reality.  What we think of as Star Trek technology today will be tomorrow’s reality.

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