Electric Vehicle Conversion

The electric vehicle conversion movement is in full bloom.

You might hear stories like these most of the time, man buys little Geo metro from the junkyard and replaces engine with an electric conversion for less than $5000. It wasn’t long till the pickup truck world rose to the challenge.

In Creve Coeur MO Fox reports this story. In a nutshell, man converts his ’96 Ford Ranger from gas to battery power. And his truck uses four kilowatts for his daily commute, which equals five cents a mile. Not bad considering the MPG he would normally get at a few dollars. And as far maintenance is concerned, once a month the water levels are checked. The conversion wasn’t bad either at around $10,000. With a donor car, roughly $3,000, parts at about $6,000 and batteries around $2,000 is made sense. Sure the truck isn’t a performance beast, 35 miles per charge but this is a home made project. With new batteries every 4 years, the owner comes out on top.

And who says pickup trucks are notoriously not well balanced? With 18 batteries powering the truck 13 were put in the back and 5 under the hood. Now you can have a pickup that handles well and that emits close to nothing harmful for the environment. Hum, it make sense at this stage.